Orkan – Element

Fronted by Taake guitarist Gjermund Fredheim, Orkan is finally back to unleash immense darkness in the world with the new release “Element”.

“Lenker” marks an impactful beginning as obscure atmospheres act as a proper gateway for massive shrouds of gelid blackened guitar riffing which are definitely inspired by traditional black metal made in Norway and as expected the whole instrumentation and wretched growls fluently move through the fast primordial rhythmic blasts while the only hope comes with the occasional more melodic guitar work.

“I Flammar Skal Du Eldast” doesn’t leave behind the blackened anguish yet offers more variegated dynamics and experimental tonalities adding even catchy dark post metal influenced guitar riffs and melodies which are fueled by the absolutely melancholic mood that becomes intensely dominant during the inspiring slower harmonious segments.

The lengthy track “Avmakt” naturally crafts a sonic realm of contrasting feelings and tonalities offering the sheer brutality of blackened rhythmic sections and ominous growls as well as the dreamy nuances of memorable melodic guitar passages.

“Heim” closes the album feeling like a daydream as Orkan passionately create peaceful instrumental moments focusing on super nostalgic minimalist guitar melodies that together with subtle atmospheric arrangements genuinely express a whirlwind of emotions that later will be effortlessly matched & enhanced by poetic clean vocals and steady cold guitar riffs.

“Element” is an album absolutely devoted to darkness but also pays homage to the strength and beauty of nature as Orkan skillfully combine the raw fury of black metal with enticing emotional atmospheres.

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