Krakow – Minus

Norwegian band Krakow is clearly interested in the creation of an intriguing sonic spectrum that deliberately deviates from standard categorization as you can easily notice listening to the brand new opus “Minus”.

In the midst of a hazy dismal atmospheric whirlpool “Black Wandering Sun” shifts from heavier rhythmic momentum and painful emotions to easier evocative melodies but becomes particularly dazzling with the authentic rock attitude of the guitar solo courtesy of Phil Campbell of Motorhead & Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons.  

With a profoundly atmospheric nature “The Stranger” borrows the surreal & obscure elements of post-metal while maintaining delicate textures with poetic vocals and monochromatic guitar melodies yet adding variety with loads of enigmatic accents and underlying creepy instrumental crescendos that inevitably create contrasting tonalities.  

The title track is an instrumental melancholic trip with eclectic post rock nuances and the extensive loop of exquisite guitar melodies will ultimately induce a meditative state eventually interrupted by cold shrouds of dreamy yet intensely distorted progressive crescendos.

The final track “Tidlaus” can be marvelously gentle with softer guitar harmonies and minimalist refined atmospheres, reminiscent of shoegaze style, that could induce a trance like state but there are also unexpected instrumental progressions that with increasing intensity will build a more energetic yet mysterious momentum.  

“Minus” shines for its experimental freedom and darkened spirit as Krakow is constantly trying to challenge the listeners producing an intricate realm of dramatic melodies, contemplative atmospheres and darkly heavier dynamics.  

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