Kontinuum – No Need To Reason

Among the many amazing bands from Iceland Kontinuum certainly stands out for the poetic gloom and charming post-rock melodies that continue to have a strong presence on the new album “No Need To Reason”.  

“Shivers” begins with extremely somber yet very accessible guitar melodies that gently accompany passionate vocals creating profoundly emotional waves that will inevitably influence the entire instrumentation.

On “Warm Blood” colder & darker nuances emerge in the mix as guitars acquire a crunchy distortion amplified by uptempo grooves and slightly heavier dynamics while vocals effortlessly shift from poetic delivery to harsher tones.

The title track returns to tranquil soundscapes following a slower tempo to favor the compelling lead guitar work and passionate vocals in the midst of introspective atmospheric layers yet both vocals and instrumentation will occasionally embrace a darker momentum.

Featuring dreamy atmospheric crescendos “Stargaze” focuses again on rich sonic textures and spacey harmonious guitars that naturally build an eclectic mixture of gentle melodies with hints of shoegaze style and significantly darker instrumental segments.

The remarkable soothing poetry of “Two Moons” will lead to increasing feelings of nostalgia & melancholia as guitars smoothly craft moody melodies with a cinematic approach and a distinct introspective nature.

“Black Feather” might amplify the dark side of the band even more with a striking somber melodic ensemble featuring inspired atmospheric arrangements and captivating guitar work that will briefly acquire extra obscure vibes & rhythms yet the recurring hazy harmonies still feel widely accessible.

Overall, the intriguing melodies of “No Need To Reason” will attract lovers of darkly emotional songs that Kontinuum has carefully crafted following a rather natural music evolution.


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