Korpiklaani – Kulkija

Thinking about folk metal we can all agree that Finnish superstars Korpiklaani have mastered this art since 2003 therefore the newest release “Kulkija” is bound to generate great interest among the faithful fans.

The initial atmospheric somber tones of “Neito” will soon evolve into a straightforward stomping folk metal rampage built by the soaring rhythmic section and adorned by charismatic violin melodies.

The mood becomes quite gloomy on “Aallon Alla” with a softer melodic ensemble, featuring lovely accordion phrases, that will ultimately acquire entertaining dynamics through a series of energetic rhythmic variations.

“Harmaja” is not necessarily a ballad but definitely has a more sorrowful approach as the magical folk textures naturally express a profound melancholia that constantly influences the heartfelt vocals and the spellbinding combo of dreamy violin melodies and subtle acoustic guitars.

“Kallon Malja” begins with captivating melancholic violin melodies but soon picks up speed as guitars gain a fiery sound following an upbeat rhythm yet additional intricate sorrowful harmonies, emotive vocals and slower darkened moments will continue to convey gloomy feelings.

“Sillanrakentaja” is significantly heavier and darker as powerful guitars follow moody drum blasts leading to exceptionally somber vibes but the inner folk soul will emerge with renewed intensity in the the catchy chorus.

Another round of passionate violin melodies lead the way on “Riemu” which offers a well balanced mix of cheerful folk hooks (stomping and dancing will be required) and softer emotive moments.

“Tuttu on tie” fully embraces a highly melancholic mood as weeping violin melodies become the main focus evoking all kinds of sad and dramatic feelings that inevitably influence the solemn vocals and mellow instrumental passages.

On the 10th studio album “Kulkija” Korpiklaani stay true to their sonic manifesto maintaining a profound devotion for traditional folk music and take the listeners on a magic journey wandering through enchanted forests and dreamy folkloric tales.

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