Craft – White Noise And Black Metal

After a long hiatus Swedish act Craft returns triumphantly to spread obscurity with the intense blackened force of the latest full length “White Noise And Black Metal”.

“The Cosmic Sphere Falls” marks an absolutely majestic beginning with its unmistakable blackened soul leading to charismatic & savage rhythmic crescendos and guitars proudly deliver waves of brutally gelid tonalities and sinister melodies definitely amplified by the venomous growls.

Without the need for breakneck speed “Again” sounds immensely ominous with massive blackened grooves, guided by precise vicious drumming, that arise from a recognizable & beloved dark abyss yet sound utterly catchy with addictive wintry melodies and excellent guitar licks.

“Tragedy of Pointless Games” welcomes you to a realm of misery and yes everything will remain dark and hopeless courtesy of belligerent rhythmic blasts but captivating guitars also offer impeccably darkened melancholic melodies.

On “Darkness Falls” the rhythmic section possesses a massive raw energy that will trigger a black ‘n roll mood with an infectious riffing rampage while guitar leads effortlessly channel pure melodic obscurity.

The cosmic darkness of “YHVH’s Shadow” cannot go unnoticed as the band unleashes a chaotic devilish black metal core where faster menacing drums and asphyxiating guitar riffs become essential yet the moody melancholic guitar harmonies prove that this track doesn’t rely exclusively on sonic aggression.   

Craft is very comfortable within the extremely dark universe and the misanthropic black metal approach expressed by each and every song on “White Noise And Black Metal” which therefore is bound to delight acolytes of this genre.

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