Conan – Existential Void Guardian

British trio Conan are already well known and appreciated for the trademark Caveman Battle Doom music style that is once again wildly unleashed on the new album “Existential Void Guardian” which also includes four bonus live tracks.

The unmistakable arcane misery of doom fills the atmosphere on “Prosper On The Path” as Conan creates a thick overwhelming rhythm through a series of menacing guitar driven grooves that diligently follow the thunderous drumming pace while the vocals become wretched screams emerging from some forgotten dark cave.

The monolithic pathway of despair continues with “Eye To Eye To Eye” as guitars deliver steady painful sludge tones with occasional bursts of fuzzy energy over fiercely rumbling drums, consequently the whole atmosphere remains absolutely dark.

The relentless fuzzy riffage of “Volt Thrower” aims to build massive stomping grooves surrounded by the right dosage of desperate doom tonalities yet this track feels more impactful due to faster plummeting rhythmic dynamics.

On the lengthy “Eternal Silent Legend” traditional doom elements lead the way through a desolate atmosphere full of heavy slow burning guitar riffs and harrowing melodic waves that inevitably drag the listeners through agonizing hazy progressions amplified by obscure sludge and tribal accents.

In case you had any doubts rest assured that what Conan put together on “Existential Void Guardian” is fiercely monolithic from beginning to end which might sound monotone to the random average listener while the true believers/fans will fully embrace the infamous Caveman Battle Doom.

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