Beyond The Black – Heart Of The Hurricane

While many are not familiar yet with symphonic metal act Beyond The Black they have been working hard to conquer a spot in the current scene and the ambitious new release “Heart Of The Hurricane” definitely aims to reach a wider audience worldwide.

“Hysteria” opens the album triumphantly drawing inspiration from the successful symphonic metal formula so the band puts together loads of atmospheric & theatrical arrangements simply entwined with tranquil guitar melodies, flamboyant soloing and energetic rhythmic sections.

While the title track begins with crunchy guitar riffing it will still maintain a fundamental catchy melodic core embellished by subtle atmospheric layers that favors Jennifer Haben’s pleasant vocal performance.

“Song For The Godless” amplifies the epic vibes with a massive dose of dramatic keyboards arrangements and certainly follows a familiar symphonic formula focusing on melancholic melodic splendor that allows Jennifer’s emotive vocals to shine.

The symphonic realm of “Beneath A Blackened Sky” features solemn operatic choirs and sumptuous keyboards but later goes back to an accessible melodic ensemble spiced up by the fancy guitar solo.

On “Fairytale Of Doom” guitars can become more dominant delivering fierce riffage and dazzling soloing within a powerful rhythmic crescendo yet the catchy chorus leaves behind the song’s darker & solemn vibes.

“Scream For Me” is another entertaining tune that offers bittersweet melodies and soothing atmospheres revolving around passionate vocals yet eventually adds heavier & wilder rhythmic moments to the emotional core.

“Freedom” immediately feels darker due to the occasional growls and steady crunchy guitar riffs marching through the highly somber atmospheric arrangements nevertheless the instrumental work maintains a vibrant melodic flow.

“Heart Of The Hurricane” is a safe album that contains all the key elements of symphonic metal therefore devoted lovers of this music genre will appreciate what Beyond The Black has diligently crafted.

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