Witherfall – A Prelude To Sorrow

Fairly new to the metal scene dark metallers Witherfall are ready to impress with the latest album “A Prelude To Sorrow”, a majestic emotional opus written about the tragic loss of the band’s drummer and friend Adam Sagan.

With a deeply darkened mood and a need for speed “We Are Nothing” delivers a series of intricate harsh progressions as guitar riffs and thunderous drumming march ardently through solemn atmospheric vibes and vocals sound particularly wild with memorable high pitch delivery. But this lengthy track offers many surprises in terms of structure and style adding heart-wrenching tonalities during an acoustic breakdown deeply amplified by genuinely melancholic guitar leads and sorrowful vocals and such sombre moment is followed by a brilliant technical prog inspired piece featuring a faster tempo and blistering guitar dynamics.

On “Moment Of Silence” abrasive guitar riffs and gloomy melodic splendor become the main focus leading to complex technical segments that follow fast borderline aggressive drums while the chorus acquires classic metal tonalities and highly dramatic vibes.

“Communion Of The Wicked” continues to deliver some strong heavy guitar driven grooves naturally amplified by massive drum blasts yet the extremely darkened aura will enhance the underlying melodic mood especially expressed by the soulful vocals, the fascinating crispy guitar soloing and the brief nostalgic acoustic moments.

“Ode To Despair” shifts the focus to minimalist acoustic soundscapes that smoothly convey fervent emotions yet there will be darker & heavier segments featuring another solid round of guitar riffs and dazzling technical soloing.

A vivid sense of melancholia sets the mood on “Vintage” where the band skillfully blends tranquil acoustic passages, fiery rhythmic sections and progressive twists resulting in another diverse sonic maze while the final part focuses on an exquisitely flamboyant guitar solo that could go on forever with its memorable shredding galore and mesmerizing melodic intensity.

Listening to “A Prelude To Sorrow” you will instantly appreciate and fall in love with the stellar musicianship and the intense passion behind such eclectic composition as Witherfall embarks on a dramatic music journey inevitably filled with grief and darkness.


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