Mirrors For Psychic Warfare – I See What I Became

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare is a quite unique project that features the collaboration of Scott Kelly of Neurosis and producer Sanford Parker and the second chapter entitled “I See What I Became” depicts a dystopian industrial oriented sonic realm.

On “Animal Coffins” something mysterious lurks in the dark, in the midst of sinister sounds that shift from lingering atmospheric tonalities to colder industrial bursts that are certainly groovy but in a weird way and might even trigger claustrophobia.

As soon as you enter the darkened sonic maze of “Tomb Puncher” everything feels like the obvious product of creativity and anxiety as loops of dissonant futuristic synths embrace nostalgic melodic phrases, softer ambiance tones and theatrical vocals.

Already the title “Flat Rats In The Alley” makes you think about decay in a subterranean world where the obscure & trippy arrangements feel comfortable but there is also an almost hidden sense of beauty embedded in the pale melodies and rhythmic crescendos.  

“Crooked Teeth” is filled with nightmarish vibes fueled by enigmatic synths and whispered words that will eventually acquire extra obscure depth and sumptuous melodic creepiness leading to a rather chaotic groove.

Everything is still crazy & moody on “Death Cart” which truly amplifies dreadful feelings yet offers enjoyable hypnotizing soundscapes skillfully crafted by loads of variegated synths and solemn atmospheric arrangements.

Even if the industrial roots & inspiration are often evident Mirrors For Psychic Warfare do not follow a precise composition template and often wander freely through diverse music territories in order to create a post apocalyptic soundtrack on “I See What I Became”.

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