Black Tusk – T.C.B.T.

The new full length “T.C.B.T.” marks a powerful return for Black Tusk as they fiercely unleash an interesting blend of punk rock anger and sludge sonic depth.

The roaring grooves of “Closed Eye” come with a straightforward music approach as guitars consistently offer enraged riffing following thunderous drumming and vocals become belligerent screams.

“Agali” might sound less predictable with a fair dosage of sludge quasi melodic guitar work nevertheless galloping riffs and desperate vocals tend to focus on a harsh hardcore mood.

“Scalped” surprises the listeners with a sophisticated atmospheric approach that will naturally embrace the heavier rhythmic assault efficiently built by a relentless combo of riffing and drumming.

With a recognizable rough hardcore attitude “Ill At Ease” is noisy & groovy consequently the screams become wilder and rebellious following a need for speed definitely satisfied by the tight merciless rhythmic section.

Without hesitation “Never Ending Daymare” delivers another round of ferocious grooves but this time the lead guitar work stands out particularly crafting fiery and less intimidating sludge passages.

In the midst of ravenous grooves “Burn The Stars” showcases hints of classic rock tonalities in the guitar work without sacrificing the savage hardcore momentum and the super energetic rhythmic blasts.

Overall the aggressive nature of “T.C.B.T.” will trigger headbanging & moshpit pretty much constantly and Black Tusk appear to be comfortable with such angered no frills music vision.

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