Integrity / Krieg – Split

Two veteran bands Integrity and Krieg have joined forces to craft an entertaining split EP which will spread further their nightmarish music approach.

On “Scorched Earth” Integrity offers moments of pure chaos with an unstoppable combo of stomping rhythmic sections and enraged screams while the guitar soloing will inevitably demand your attention with precise shredding abilities.

On another brief track “Flames Of The Immortal” Integrity pushes intense menacing grooves and consequent violent rhythmic bursts yet lead guitars skillfully craft a solid blend of darkened melodies and wild shredding.

With “Circle of Guilt” Krieg fiercely unleashes a blackened core where familiar ominous vibes and primordial black metal roots deeply influence the mournful instrumental passages and cavernous growls.

Darkness dominates “This Time I’ll Leave You to Drown” as Krieg diligently creates a proper blackened realm where guitars deliver steady harsh tonalities and few cold atmospheric melodies.

Both Integrity and Krieg showcase their personal sonic vision on this new split that definitely will gather interest in the underground metal scene and will keep the fans happy while waiting for the next full lengths.

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