Cauldron – New Gods

Canadian metallers Cauldron are carrying the torch for old school heavy metal therefore it’s not surprising to hear loads of 70s-80s inspired tunes on the newest effort “New Gods”.

Guitar riffs are marching freely on “Prisoner Of The Past” creating a healthy catchy rhythm stripped of fancy special effects or studio magic resulting in a genuine raw mixture of distortions and melodies.

“Letting Go” is even more melodic at times as guitars also acquire melancholic tonalities, always matched by the emotive vocal harmonies, through calmer and still absolutely catchy rhythmic waves.

“Save The Truth – Syracuse” has its darker moments, for example all those enigmatic sounds at the very end, but certainly never sacrifices the traditional groovy fluidity revolving on riffing rampages and soothing melodies which are emphasized during the guitar soloing.

The bittersweet darkened melodies of “Drown” will return throughout the song carrying hints of doom and despair but even if the rhythm doesn’t get super fast more energetic guitar riffs and wilder leads will take the spotlight.

The entertaining closing track “Last Request” offers another solid round of no frills heavy metal grooves where guitars dominate the structure with relentless riffs that diligently follow the faster vibrant rhythmic sections.

Listening to “New Gods” you will immediately understand that Cauldron is truly devoted to classic heavy metal and this album naturally symbolizes the trio’s passion for such timeless genre.


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