Vouna – Vouna

Synth-driven funeral doom band Vouna makes the first appearance in the metal scene with the debut self titled album recorded entirely at Wolves In The Throne Room’s studio at the edge of an ancient forest.

“A Place To Rest” opens the album focusing on mystical soft vocals and slowly builds a suspenseful momentum through subtle atmospheric layers and gloomy melodies until it reaches a cascadian acme with fast tremolo picked guitars.

“Last Dream” aptly evokes dreamy soundscapes with loads of ethereal synths and experimental accents leading the way through a cold realm where doom infused dynamics naturally embrace extremely melancholic melodic guitars.

“Drowning City” is inspired by traditional folk melodies featuring soothing flute harmonies while guitars convey classic doom tonalities leading to a profoundly mournful mood particularly amplified by grave keyboards.

The cinematic vision of “You Took Me” is fully expressed by the sorrowful atmospheric arrangements floating through an absolutely bleak sonic realm that is soon shaken by funereal distorted melodies and adorned by poetic vocals and additional grim melodic synths.

Yianna Bekris composed all the music and performed all instruments on this magical debut release and we can certainly perceive her spiritual energy and passionate songwriting approach behind Vouna.


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