Ragnar Zolberg – Sonr Ravns

In the last few years we got to know and appreciate the talent of Icelandic musician Ragnar Zolberg during his time with prog metal icons Pain Of Salvation and certainly his vocal duet with Daniel Gildenlow on the song “Meaningless”, from the band’s latest acclaimed release “In The Passing Light Of Day”,  is quite unforgettable. But now the time has come for Ragnar to start a completely new chapter in his music career with the solo album “Sonr Ravns”.

The title track depicts a realm of contrasting emotions fueled by minimalist yet intensely darkened piano melodies that later evolve into ambient atmospheres that effortlessly surrounds Ragnar’s charismatic and profoundly melancholic vocal performance.

The darkened mood of “Rise Above” is simply addictive blending seasoned rocker vibes and modern electro beats as the song becomes a unique entity made of wistful melodies and obscure atmospheres, all amplified by mesmerizing vocals shifting from dramatic to harsh tonalities.

There are ancient folk elements and wintry nostalgic tones on “Volcanic Fields” which starts with slow moody melodies and solemn arrangements that will lead to a tremendous rhythmic crescendo full of distorted anger and gloomy vibes.

Darkness descends on “Krunk” which showcases dark metal inspiration and feels like an arcane ritual in a forgotten cold forest as a primordial force creates an ominous aura with tribal dynamics, otherworldly screams and wicked guitars.

On “My Symbol Sól” enigmatic synths and traditional folk hold a dominant role yet loads of shimmering dreamy atmospheres and bittersweet vocals craft introspective melodies in contrast with the massive darkened grooves.

“Vetur” is full of pure nostalgia constantly enhanced by refined classical piano melodies and lavish, at times epic, atmospheric layers that render everything darkly romantic & dramatic while Ragnar’s diverse vocal approach conveys cathartic feelings through graceful harmonies and raspy screams.

Behind the composition of “Sonr Ravns” there are tumultuous personal feelings and multifaceted music influences as Ragnar draws inspiration from his Nordic heritage combined with a genuine passion for music leading to a darkly eclectic, yet widely accessible, collection of songs.

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