Amaranthe – Helix

Swedish sensational band Amaranthe has acquired an unmistakable sonic identity drawing inspiration from diverse and contrasting music leading to a modern vision that never ceases to surprise the audience on the brand new effort “Helix”.  

Futuristic & cinematic synths on “The Score” introduce a colossal ensemble of memorable catchy melodies, which benefit from Elize’s impressive vocal range, harsh metal momentum naturally amplified by Henrik’s ravenous growls and vibrant classic metal style guitar solo.

“365” was chosen as first single and definitely represents the mood of the entire album staying true to the band’s polychromatic music formula, in which all three vocalists have a crucial role yet Elize’s impeccable vocals tend to steal the spotlight, so prepare to headbang to the extremely groovy metal momentum courtesy of the charismatic drum blasts and crunchy guitar riffing without forgetting to sing along because that chorus is on fire.

The darker mood of “Inferno” doesn’t sacrifice the song’s catchiness that revolves around variegated electro layers, vivid melodic grandeur and an infectious rhythmic backbone as certainly all these elements are always enhanced by the multifaceted vocal approach.

With mighty positive energy the title track once again diligently follows the band’s signature style as each singer gets a chance to take the center stage and the chorus in unison sounds loud and colorful marching through the energetic grooves and electro arrangements.

On “GG6” Henrik impresses with a fierce vocal performance delivering primordial growling with a contemporary rap influence over plummeting metal grooves spiced up by cool electro sound effects in contrast with the easier catchy harmonies of the chorus.

“My Haven” features another successful round of bouncy grooves surrounded by dancey electro accents that keep alive the album’s futuristic themes while the addictive chorus will instantly grab your attention channeling heartfelt melodic vibes with impeccable vocals.

Yes “Unified” has the mellow tonalities typical of a power ballad nevertheless it still feels exciting and charming with loads of elegant atmospheric arrangements and smooth crispy guitar melodies plus here new vocalist Nils can truly prove his abilities.

While so many continue to desperately attempt to categorize their music style it’s time to leave behind this boring futile analysis because Amaranthe is moving forward, following a bold evolution that leads to a refreshing blend of edgy metal and modern electro beats on the terrific catchy tunes of “Helix”.

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