The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult

Revolting against the mainstream metal scene The Lion’s Daughter knows no music boundaries and bravely follows a personal evolution which leads to the uneasy soundscapes of the latest release “Future Cult”.

A mysterious aura on “Call The Midnight Animal” creates a slightly futuristic suspenseful mood courtesy of loads of synths that constantly surrounds an impactful sonic assault featuring harsh guitar riffs and venomous growls.

On “Die Into Us” electronic segments continue to hold a dominant role embellishing the song’s rhythmic core with intriguing arrangements while guitars often become more melodic yet effortlessly maintain extremely darkened tonalities.

“The Gown” begins with profoundly somber tones as minimalist phrases and creepy atmospheric layers depict a post apocalyptic soundscape where you can perceive distant echoes of angered screams and monolithic guitars.

On “Tragedy” the band continues to experiment with diverse subgenres reaching a balanced blend of melodic despair and electronic twists while offering several heavier sludge oriented grooves in the midst of asphyxiating atmospheres.

A familiar blackened force on “In The Flesh” fuels a plummeting series of faster savage grooves yet majestic synths will always spice up such aggressive rhythm with variegated spooky sounds and unsettling atmospheric textures.

“Future Cult” cannot be categorized as music for the masses but it must be said that with this modern distinctive collection of songs The Lion’s Daughter will manage to reach the right audience.

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