Architects – Holy Hell

Considered one of the best British metal bands Architects return with the long awaited new record “Holy Hell”, a particularly meaningful album being the first release since the tragic passing of Tom Searle, founding guitarist, principal songwriter and twin brother to drummer Dan.

Combining moments of sheer rhythmic aggression and pensive melodies “Death Is Not Defeat” is full of subtle mournful atmospheres in contrast with borderline desperate vocals and angered guitar driven grooves staying true to classic metalcore style.

The title track begins with lovely orchestral accents and enraged screams are swiftly followed by a well balanced ensemble of heavy & loud guitar riffs, anguished instrumental passages and underlying tormented melodies.

“Damnation” holds a super groovy rhythmic backbone as well as a deeply sorrowful mood which might render the slower elegiac moments more appealing than the crushing guitar riffage and drumming.

“Modern Misery” is another track that revolves around bittersweet feelings and unfulfilled dreams fully expressed by the ethereal melodic breakdowns spontaneously emerging through massive crunchy guitar riffs and vicious screams.

Even if since the beginning “Doomsday” features a generous dosage of catchy guitar riffs and technical edgy rhythms there is a main melodic pattern that tends to amplify the emotional nature of the song with melancholic clean vocal delivery and atmospheric grandeur.

“A Wasted Hymn” brings closure with grief and sorrow as the rhythm slows down dramatically to deliver massive gloomy guitar melodies in the midst of utterly cathartic atmospheric arrangements combining classical inspired momentum and modern electro accents.

Reconfirming the status of metalcore giants “Holy Hell” might be the classic light at the end of the tunnel for Architects and their faithful fans as the band channels strength and sincere emotions healing through the power of music.

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