Crippled Black Phoenix – Great Escape

Considering that mastermind Justin Greaves has previously gone public about his personal fight against depression the new Crippled Black Phoenix album entitled “Great Escape” is expected to revolve around dark themes and this definitely fits with the band’s alluring music direction.  

“To You I Give” is a cathartic ensemble of soulful guitar melodies, introspective vocals and somber atmospheric layers which instantly set a perennial darkened mood that will shape the several distorted progressive tinged rhythmic crescendos throughout the song.

“Madman” focuses majorly on a sinister cinematic spirit flowing through the visionary electro arrangements that effortlessly create a bewitching groovy momentum amplified by gritty rock tonalities.

On “Times, They Are A Raging” a constant sense of melancholia dictates the painfully dramatic mood that surrounds the dreamy piano melodies and the fervent vocal delivery while the slow tempo simply allows the elegant guitar work to enhance the hypnotizing soundscape that will eventually acquire faster psychedelic dynamics and consequent enigmatic rhythmic variations.

“Slow Motion Breakdown” is an intense instrumental track that spontaneously blends psychedelic/stoner elements and poignant melodies through memorable guitar progressions that often feel like a wild jam in the middle of the desert and acidic tonalities are evident within the exceptionally engaging rhythmic patterns.

“Las Diabolicas” is almost creepy with its inner dystopian mood featuring fuzzy accents and the undiluted rock energy of the guitar riffs & melodies that successfully craft catchy climatic grooves in the midst of obscure spellbinding atmospheres.

While “Great Escape (pt I)” feels profoundly evocative with mystical vibes influencing the fragile atmospheric textures, the enchanting vocal duet and the super slow melancholia infused guitar phrases “Great Escape (pt II)” is instead an eclectic entity that adds progressive twists and intricate haunting melodic splendor with the absolutely stunning guitar work.  

Ultimately “Great Escape” might be considered a challenging album that audaciously explores an impressive array of diverse music subgenres while maintaining a rather unique vision that naturally leads to cinematic & emotional aesthetics as Crippled Black Phoenix craft each song with an outpouring charisma that cannot go unnoticed.


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