The Order Of Apollyon – Moriah

With a new devoted stable line-up it’s time for The Order Of Apollyon to spread immense darkness and sheer brutality with the third full length “Moriah”.

“The Lies Of Moriah” begins with dismal arpeggios that prepares you for a hellish sonic assault that simply cannot be ignored with a monumental dosage of crushing drums and tight blackened guitar riffing generating asphyxiating rhythmic blasts.

“Rites Of The Immolator” feels even more aggressive as plummeting grooves seem truly unstoppable with solid guitar riffs leading the way to a dark abyss where few grim melodic phrases will eventually surface.

“Grey Father” offers another fiery round of obscure guitar riffs naturally following a breakneck speed yet there are also brief enigmatic atmospheric moments flowing through the extremely heavy rhythmic sections.  

With ominous chants and arcane organ harmonies “Soldat” has a more theatrical mood that will later return with extremely melancholic guitar melodies yet cavernous growls and utterly vicious rhythmic dynamics continue to channel an arcane blackened force.

On “A Monument” there is an underlying grave melodic mood which definitely influences the cold guitar tonalities while the massive rhythmic section tends to maintain steady ruthless grooves.

A renewed creative force and mature songwriting approach are the key elements behind “Moriah” as inspired by primal black/death metal elements The Order Of Apollyon confidently unleash a full blown nightmarish work of music.

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