Riverside – Wasteland

Following the sudden loss of co-founder and guitarist of Piotr Grudziński, Riverside decided to continue as a trio therefore the latest release “Wasteland” marks a new chapter that sounds like a deeply emotional music endeavor with post-apocalyptic visions of the world.

“Acid Rain” immediately stands out for the profoundly somber tonalities embedded in the suspenseful textures of the refined atmospheric arrangements as well as the stellar guitar work which confidently delivers a memorable blend of heavy prog dynamics, crystalline harmonies and heartfelt melodic splendor.

“Vale Of Tears” sounds more energetic with an eclectic rhythmic section featuring solid riffage spiced up by modern keyboards accents and excitingly complex lead guitar work yet the minimalist melodic moments feel like an emotive lullaby.

“The Struggle For Survival” is a truly epic track that never ceases to impress the audience as the band follows an artsy sonic vision offering intricate rhythmic segments and freely experiments in order to craft multifaceted instrumental passages ranging from full throttle progressive dynamics to cinematic atmospheric layers.

The title track is moody & darker starting with a fragile melodic ensemble of elegant piano and smooth arpeggios that surround poignant vocals while later the song will morph into a more progressive entity where guitars offer some intriguing heavier riffs before returning to calmer introspective moments.

“The Night Before” is a minimalist piece that closes the album with immense melancholy courtesy of gorgeous piano melodies and soft sorrowful vocals that will move you to tears.

For Riverside the seventh album “Wasteland” feels like a renaissance as the band aims to express personal struggles and strong emotions through an elaborate ensemble of technical musicianship and darkened melodies.

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