Gösta Berlings Saga – Et Ex

The polychromatic instrumental adventure of Gösta Berlings Saga begins in 2000 in the Stockholm suburb of Vällingby and now the band has the chance to reach a wider audience worldwide with the brand new effort “Et Ex”.

With a somber mood “The Shortcomings of Efficiency” offers haunting multilayered atmospheres that steadily surround crispy and utterly eclectic guitar melodies with an intriguing prog rock approach and retro tonalities but the song often tends to change pace and style in order to build cinematic soundscapes.

With a melancholic nature immediately expressed by ethereal piano harmonies “Artefacts” follows softer rhythmic dynamics where guitars and synths embrace to craft intense atmospheres, bizarre electro layers and dreamy melodies.

“Capercaillie Lammergeyer Cassowary & Repeat” is another strange track where variegated synths constantly provide mysterious atmospheric sections with increasing dramatic intensity.

On “Fundament” there is a multitude of moody lead guitar melodies confidently channeling classic prog rock elements in the midst of opulent atmospheric arrangements that naturally shift from hazy tones to darker nuances.

There are evident prog roots behind “Et Ex” which often feels more like a movie soundtrack relying heavily on synths and unusual sonic textures and in the end you might notice that Gösta Berlings Saga is not a typical prog band.


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