Sarah Longfield – Disparity

Rising guitar prodigy and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Longfield is finally releasing the new album “Disparity” which features the expected generous dose of shredding but also plenty of intriguing cinematic soundscapes.

“Embracing Solace” begins with a remarkable dreamy atmospheric core carefully built by kaleidoscopic ambient layers and embellished by opulent glowing guitar melodies.

“Departure” continues to follow a relaxing music pathway as vocals channel uplifting emotions flowing through calm ambient waves and charismatic melodic guitar phrases while the song’s finale shines for the nostalgia infused piano piece.

Within the intricate sonic realm of “Cataclysm” technical prog becomes evident in the massive eclectic guitar work naturally shifting from enticing shredding & tapping with scattered heavier rhythmic accents to fluent melodic grandeur.

In the midst of birds chirping and tranquil feelings “Miro” returns to luminous tonalities embedded in the glossy atmospheric textures, jazzy saxophone soloing and obviously brilliant melodic guitar progressions.  

“The Fall” is another track that will immediately stand out for the darker ambient arrangements and the energetic technical guitar work featuring intense shredding, crispy melodies and striking prog inspired dynamics.

“Disparity” is not just about a constant virtuoso showcase as Sarah is eager to impress the audience also with a multifaceted creative force and unexpected sonic twists that are evident from beginning to end.

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