Unearth – Extinction(s)

Representing the New Wave of American Heavy Metal Unearth has built a strong legacy during the last two decades and the highly anticipated album “Extinction(s)” promises to add another successful chapter in the band’s career.

The opening track “Incinerate” has a typical metalcore framework so crunchy guitar riffs hold a crucial role generating a series of harsh grooves that also benefit from the steady roaring drumming and the massive venomous growls while gloomy melodic lead guitars lead to a more introspective momentum.

On “Dust” the rhythm is often less frenetic allowing a higher dosage of melodic guitar phrases & soloing and a general dramatic mood yet there are plenty of crushing dynamics skillfully built by super tight riffage.

In the beginning “Cultivation Of Infection” has an atmospheric approach channeling tragic feelings and such gloomy themes will recur throughout the songs with monumental melodic waves while guitar riffs can sound absolutely vicious leading to breakneck rhythmic segments.

“The Hunt Begins” often dwells within a somber realm with refined melodic guitar passages and contemplative clean vocals nevertheless pummeling drums and ruthless riffs showcase a rather aggressive instrumental approach.

“King Of The Arctic” confidently offers loads of impactful and extra heavy frantic rhythmic patterns easily amplified by the monstrous vocal delivery until the crispy guitar solo shifts the focus to a calmer melodic gloom.

“One With The Sun” diligently packs colossal furious grooves featuring technical guitar work and ravenous drumming, a punishing combo that will induce wild moshpits at shows, but later a charismatic melancholic momentum will steal the spotlight with sorrowful guitar melodies and elegant orchestration.

Undoubtedly “Extinction(s)” aims to please the faithful fanbase delivering all the expected & beloved groovy and impactful dynamics as Unearth passionately renew their allegiance to the heavy metal community and deliberately follow their powerful signature music style.  

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