Chrome Division – One Last Ride

When a new record is released there is a lot excitement but in the case of Norwegian Doomsday Raiders Chrome Division fans will feel rather sad because the band has decided that the fifth full length “One Last Ride” will be the final studio album.

Filled with gritty guitar riffs following a classic rock mood “So Fragile” gets the party started as the sing along chorus, the raspy rocker style vocals of original singer Eddie Guz and the flamboyant guitar solo spontaneously channel all kinds of positive vibes.  

“Walk Away In Shame” feels even more accessible probably because of the unexpected explosive vocal duet with pop singer Miss Selia yet besides the powerful soaring guitar driven grooves this song features a lovely somber melodic breakdown where guitars temporarily leave behind the drunken party mood to favor colder tonalities.

On “You Are Dead To Me” massive dirty guitar riffs successfully create engaging rhythmic blasts yet there is a significantly darker mood here that spices up the classic rock formula and influences the melodic tonalities of the guitar soloing.

“Staying Until The End” features an impactful charismatic guitar work that besides the traditional heavy rock riffage adds wah-wah effects leading to plenty of explosive grooves amplified by the dazzling guitar soloing.

As soon as “This One Is Wild” starts you know the title absolutely fits the mood because it’s biker style party time again as the steady hooks and riffs build a loud rhythmic galore while the unrestrained guitar solo offers another generous round of killer licks.

The title track aims to channel all the glory of heavy rock and officially salutes the faithful fans for the last time therefore you can expect an anthemic rock structure and good times as guitars gallop wildly generating another round of solid grooves.

“We Drink” still keeps the party going and again it’s time to drink all night forgetting problems etcetera, so obviously the rock spirit is very much alive in the thrilling rhythmic patterns and the enjoyable lead guitar dynamics.

It’s “One Last Ride” and definitely a wild one as Chrome Division raise the whiskey glasses and keep the engines roaring throughout the whole album to deliver a collection of entertaining heavy rock songs that the fans will not forget.

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