Chthonic – Battlefields Of Asura

The politically charged metal outfit Chthonic this time embarks on an adventurous journey with Taiwanese immortals on the anticipated epic release “Battlefields Of Asura” which also features a collaboration with Hong Kong diva Denise Ho.

Matching the album’s darkly heroic themes “The Silent One’s Torch” blends symphonic and blackened elements so you will find loads of bold guitar riffs and wicked growls marching through triumphant atmospheric layers.

On “Flames Upon The Weeping Winds” subtle atmospheres introduce a harsher sonic realm where the epic accents are still present but the primal black metal force dictates a frantic pace and deeply influences the guitar driven grooves.

“Souls Of The Revolution” showcases an opulent symphonic approach with solemn orchestrations and while guitar riffs are still roaring in the background the melodic aspects of the song tend to feel more dominant.

“Taste The Black Tears” stands out for the lavish folk atmospheres that generate magical melodic nuances in contrast with the heavier blackened momentum emphasized by the hellish vocals and the darkly powerful guitar work.

“One Thousand Eyes” continues to successfully blend diverse tonalities leading to a mixture of profoundly darkened moody guitar melodies supported by monumental rhythmic sections and surrounded by sumptuous arrangements & majestic chants.

“Millenia’s Faith Undone” could not sound more epic with an overdose of solemn atmospheres, alluring ancestral tonalities and theatrical aesthetics that feel absolutely crucial in the song’s structure further embellished by fancy melodic guitar soloing and Denise Ho elegant vocal delivery.

“Battlefields Of Asura” is definitely a grandiose music journey and a mystical quest that will please the band’s devoted fans therefore it feels like the right way to celebrate the return of Chthonic.

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