Mark Deutrom – The Blue Bird

You are certainly familiar with multi-instrumentalist Mark Deutrom for his memorable past music endeavors with Melvins and now it’s time to welcome a new chapter of Mark’s eclectic solo career with the anticipated new album “The Blue Bird”.  

With a mellow rhythmic core the instrumental track “Radiant Gravity” flows just like a dream as warm bluesy guitar melodies generate a relaxing mood floating through kaleidoscopic atmospheric layers.  

The multifaceted composition of “O Ye Of Little Faith” features a groovy approach with an intense distorted delivery and an edgy retro rock attitude as guitars become prominent within the enigmatic atmospheric realm that often leads to sudden spacey instrumental passages enhanced by bewitching organ harmonies.

On “Somnambulist” fragile guitar phrases and tranquil vocals guide the listeners through a compelling sonic maze made of magical melodic textures and daydreaming atmospheres later embellished by additional lavish keyboards arrangements.

“Maximum Hemingway” instantly channels darkened emotions with the acidic tonalities of heavier guitar riffs, moody soloing and filtered vocals yet there is an inner melodic spirit that will eventually deliver vibrant contemplative passages.

The intimate atmospheric nature of “They Have Won” comes to life through comforting melodic waves and is definitely emphasized by the elegant saxophone solo that will grab your attention with enthralling jazzy vibes.

The fervent rock nature of “The Happiness Machine” is evident as gritty & heavy grooves become essential elements in fact guitars constantly deliver super crunchy riffs supported by entertaining syncopated rhythmic sections and impress the audience with a flamboyant solo.

From beginning to end “The Blue Bird” is a rather surreal opus that deserves a wide audience as it becomes quickly evident that Mark Deutrom is following his personal unique artistic vision with absolute devotion and passion.

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