Jinjer – Micro

Following massive touring cycles Ukrainian band Jinjer has managed to conquer a wider fanbase therefore this is the perfect time to release new music and while waiting for the next full length the EP “Micro” will satisfy your need for groovy prog metal.

“Ape” was the first acclaimed single released from this EP and certainly stands out for the massive fury generated by an intense & intricate rhythmic core full of harsh guitar riffs and groovy bass lines while Tatiana’s growls can sound absolutely brutal and her enchanting melodic cleans perfectly match the song’s contemplative moments.

“Dreadful Moments” is definitely the darkest song on the EP with the profound melancholy expressed by bittersweet clean vocals but is also characterized by impressive prog elements as all instruments effortlessly shift from wilder aggressive rhythmic segments to emotionally charged harmonies.

With an evident intricate songwriting approach “Teacher, Teacher!” shines for the eclectic nature as unusual tempo variations can even lead to breakneck speed and loads of crazy & groovy rhythmic progressions certainly showcase a solid prog inspiration while guitars can also deliver smooth darkened melodies embellished by heartfelt clean vocals.

Since the very beginning “Perennial” can feel utterly dramatic as the rhythm is often significantly slowed down to enhance the lovely introspective textures and fascinating guitar melodies enriched by Tatiana’s charismatic clean vocal delivery but this track will offer also some monumental harsh grooves and wicked growls.

Considered to be a breakthrough band in the current metal scene, the future looks bright for Jinjer and they definitely worked hard to achieve the unique sonic identity that naturally leads to the complex and compelling dynamics of “Micro”.

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