Oomph! – Ritual

Renowned pioneers of the Neue Deutsche Härte, Oomph! triumphantly reach another milestone with the darkened nuances and über-catchy grooves of the thirteenth full length “Ritual”.

The intense groove laden nature of “Tausend Mann und ein Befehl” is evident since the very beginning as guitars are ready to deliver massive rock riffage yet the song will morph into a more atmospheric & melodic entity with the irresistible chorus and the smooth guitar soloing.  

“Achtung! Achtung!” doesn’t waste any time as guitars focus on fiery rounds of heavy riffs with a distinct industrial influence but there is also a somber melodic streak expressed by the refined atmospheric arrangements and solemn chorus.

The darker tonalities of “Kein Liebeslied” are naturally emphasized by the mysterious vibes of the atmospheric layers and the melodic guitar leads while the electro accents enrich the monumental guitar driven grooves.

Featuring Chris Harms of Lord Of The Lost “Europa” is destined to become a hit blending profoundly darkened guitar melodies and stomping riffs while the majestic atmospheric arrangements constantly evoke a rather mystical aura.

“TRRR – FCKN – HTLR” is probably the most aggressive track on the album clearly fueled by a raw industrial energy, consequently guitars acquire extra crunchy tonalities to create loads of relentless stomping grooves amplified by savage vocals and frenetic nightmarish electro layers.

Solemn orchestrations create a suspenseful mood on “Phönix aus der Asche” which can be drenched in darkness as guitars unleash some heavy stomping grooves but tend to focus more on dramatic melodies that are intensified by the emotive vocal delivery of the chorus and the contemplative breakdown.

The sonic approach of “Seine Seele” is definitely softer and introspective allowing melancholic guitar melodies and heartfelt vocals to become essential elements while the chorus relies on super groovy rhythmic dynamics.

Undoubtedly “Ritual” reconfirms the influential status of Oomph! as the strength of this album emerges from a genuine passion and an intense creative force that lead to a captivating blend of harsh German rock and vibrant melodies.  

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