Puppy – The Goat

British trio Puppy could become the next breakthrough band with the ‘90s alt rock flavors and grungy vibes the debut album “The Goat”.  

Probably the appealing nature of “Black Hole” comes from the throwback rock tonalities mixed with the enthusiasm of youth so guitar riffs always aim for a fun groovy sound while the melodic passages are all about dreamy nostalgia.

“Vengeance” has its rebellious rock moments with a fair dosage of gritty guitars that could get a party started while vocals can sound super mellow or just dazed matching the underlying grunge attitude.  

“And So I Burn” showcases a healthy classic rock inspiration and should be played at ‘90s themed parties with the raw energy of the chunky guitar riffs and the consequent uncomplicated grooves.

The mood gets significantly darker on “Entombed” which often reminisces of classic heavy metal song as sharp guitar riffs and hazy nostalgic melodies lead the way to extra catchy rhythmic dynamics.

While “Bathe In Blood” has a gruesome title in reality the sonic realm here remains quite accessible as the alt rock spirit is amplified by the several mellow melodic moments mixed with wilder guitar riffs.

Super distorted guitars on “Handlebars” are busy crafting all kinds of rocking grooves that naturally embrace the daydreaming melodies and laid back vocals with a truly nostalgic approach.

“Demons” should or could sound evil but even if guitars deliberately acquire bold tones and a solid heavy rock attitude the core of the song still relies on a big arena chorus and warm melodies.

Puppy have already gathered fans through their various live performances but the entertaining grooves and easy melodies of “The Goat” will certainly give them a chance to reach a wider audience and pave the way for a bright future.

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