Autumn Tears – Colors Hidden Within The Gray

Gothic/neoclassical collective Autumn Tears is ready to celebrate a fashionable return from slumber with the first full length album in eleven years entitled “Colors Hidden Within The Gray”, a grandiose opus focused on a detailed composition featuring thirty talented artists.

An elegant classical piano piece introduces the triumphant symphonic spirit of “The Day Of Wrath” as majestic operatic vocals naturally flow through enchanting melodic tapestries emphasizing the theatrical aspects of the kaleidoscopic composition.

“Rainlight Ascension” begins with the exquisite beauty of classical piano melodies accompanied by gentle vocals while the multi instrumental approach ensures variety with loads of dramatic strings and dreamy progressions.  

Ethereal neoclassical textures render “The Impressionist” particularly emotional skillfully blending rich symphonic orchestrations and soothing vocals but at the same time this track evokes darkened nuances.

“In Remembrance” feels darkly romantic with serene strings phrases and understated atmospheric layers yet it also features solemn symphonic crescendos embellished by lovely impeccable vocals.

With understated strength the title track offers monumental baroque orchestrations that allow the organ and violin to truly shine and often acquire gothic, even vampyric, tonalities in contrast with the minimalist piano and soft vocals.

“What We Have Become” features gorgeous violins that effortlessly create a dreamy classical realm full of gloomy emotions and adorned by the theatrical splendor crafted by the meticulous symphonic orchestrations and the luminous vocal delivery.

The neoclassical opulent music vision of Autumn Tears might be dedicated to a niche audience as “Colors Hidden Within The Gray” is a quite unique album that often feels like a night at the opera focusing on charming multi layered arrangements and sumptuous vocal performances.

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