The Sabbathian – Latum Alterum

Formed by multi-instrumentalist Chad Davis and vocalist Anette Uvaas Guldbrandsen, The Sabbathian is ready to embark on the darkest music journey to deliver the arcane nuances of the debut full length “Latum Alterum”.

The darkened aesthetics of “The Brightest Light” hold a fundamental role within the brooding sonic realm fueled by the dismal doom tonalities of the monochromatic heavy guitar progressions while Anette’s enchanting vocals create surreal harmonies flowing through mysterious melodic waves.

The Nordic folk atmospheres of “Liti Kjersti” emphasize the profoundly melancholic melodies generated by the hazy guitar tones and the spellbinding classical vocal delivery while the rhythmic core of the song showcases a primordial creative force often inspired by traditional black metal.

On “Head Of A Traitor” vocals become exquisitely alluring with a lavish operatic delivery featuring the iconic Liv Kristine Espenæs as guest vocalist while the instrumental progressions revolve around steady obscure doom oriented guitar riffs embellished by elegant gothic atmospheres and melodic accents.

On “One Night Of Cruelty” guitars focus on a monumental heavy riffage channeling impending doom and occult rock vibes while spellbinding vocals enhance the pure darkened melancholy of the dreamy melodic phrases.

The enigmatic tonalities and the mystical aura of “Latum Alterum” will definitely attract lovers of dark melodies and doom metal as with evident songwriting skills The Sabbathian craft an hypnotizing music opus that demands your utmost attention.

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