Mono – Nowhere Now Here

Originally formed in 1999, Tokyo based instrumental band Mono has garnered attention worldwide with a unique shoegaze/rock sonic palette that continues to flourish through the otherworldly soundscapes of the new album “Nowhere Now Here” which feels even more meaningful as it celebrates the 20 year anniversary.

“After You Comes The Flood” can make you totally space out with its lavish atmospheric splendor as contrasting feelings of gloom and hope emerge through the thrilling distorted guitar riffage, the quasi chaotic momentum and the luminous melodic passages.

“Breathe” is meant to spellbind the listeners as Tamaki’s poetic vocal performance emphasizes the sheer melancholia that influences deeply the understated atmospheric arrangements and the dreamy tonalities of the minimalist guitar melodies.

The title track is a striking trippy sonic experience where solemn atmospheric orchestrations and electronic textures naturally surround intricate waves of fragile melodies that will eventually morph into a series of thrilling rhythmic crescendos featuring kaleidoscopic shoegaze guitar tonalities and fiery drumming.

The comforting melodic guitars of “Sorrow” almost feel like a lullaby and the melancholic mood will ultimately acquire a triumphant spiritual energy through the majestic orchestrations in contrast with the experimental electro layers and the wilder rhythmic twists created by guitar driven gritty grooves.  

“Meet Us Where The Night Ends” dwells within an ethereal sonic realm where darkness and light inevitably embrace, a precious moment in time celebrated by the tranquil beauty of guitar melodies and magical atmospheres while the final part of the song revolves around a monumental groovy jam with an overdose of spacey & heavier guitar riffs.

The mood becomes exquisitely peaceful yet utterly nostalgic on “Vanishing, Vanishing Maybe” as the slower tempo allows guitars to focus on sophisticated melodies and heartwarming nuances that simply glow through the sorrowful hazy atmospheric arrangements.

With its hypnotic nature and mature songwriting the tenth album “Nowhere Now Here” is a grandiose cinematic opus that often stands out for the positive feelings and profound serenity as Mono carefully craft each song with a clear artsy vision and untamed passion for music.

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