Ghost Iris – Apple Of Discord

Danish progressive metalcore band Ghost Iris started as a DIY internet phenomenon in 2015 and now they are ready to showcase their musical growth and passion with the third full length “Apple Of Discord”.

On “The Devil’s Plaything” the classic metalcore elements feel quite dominant as the band skillfully blends belligerent guitar riffs leading to monumental aggressive grooves and soothing melodies to create an enjoyable contrast matched by the combo of brutal growls and heartfelt clean vocals.

“Final Tale” often has a slower tempo that shifts the focus to the intricate guitar work and crispy melodies surrounded by modern atmospheric accents while the heavier grooves are full of crunchy guitar riffs.

The polished melodic guitars and the borderline pop style clean vocal delivery of “Beauty In Expiration” ensures a rather accessible ensemble yet since there’s no need to sacrifice the heavy momentum guitars are ready to deliver thrilling riffage supported by precise rhythmic variations.

“The Rat And The Snake” sounds darker and harsher as angered growls take the center stage accompanied by the noticeable heavy approach of the technical guitar work and the extra cold atmospheric textures.  

There are still plenty of roaring metalcore twists on “Heaven Was Pure Hell” while the melodic aspects are often emphasized by the brighter tonalities of the guitar progressions and the emotionally charged clean vocals.

“Cowardly Pride” confidently aims to deliver bold guitar driven grooves spiced up by dissonant accents and interesting technical accents while the catchy chorus and the subtle atmospheric arrangements ensure a fair dosage of somber melodies.

Ghost Iris can be still considered an emerging band but they already have a clear music pathway in mind and the necessary drive & catchy vibes to reach a wider audience worldwide with the release of “Apple Of Discord”.  

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