Candlemass – The Door To Doom

The doom legacy of Swedish stalwarts Candlemass is as strong as ever and the long awaited new album “The Door To Doom” showcases the band’s ominous signature elements featuring the surprising return of their first singer Johan Langquist which definitely brings a sense of nostalgia to all these songs.   

On “Splendor Demon Majesty” there is in fact plenty of pure doom splendor as Candlemass confidently channel their obscure roots with the impressive guitar work that fluently delivers bold riffage and intricate solos around Johan’s charismatic vocal performance.

The melancholic melodies of “Under The Ocean” guide us through a realm of gloom and sorrow filled with mighty guitar riffs and tasteful slower progressions that effortlessly build a series of mid paced darkened grooves amplified by captivating vocals and epic atmospheres.

With its majestic darkness “Astorolus – The Great Octopus” is the song that will conquer all the doom lovers featuring the guest appearance by legendary Tony Iommi. The classic doom momentum feels extremely dominant as the exquisite cold tonalities of guitars evoke mournful feelings through the monumental riffs and the alluring grandeur of the soloing.  

“Black Trinity” rightfully belongs to the same sinister doom realm with the tremendous weight of the guitar riffs leading to the expected obscure grooves that will evolve into a hypnotizing breakdown and once again Johan’s voice naturally matches such bewitching darkened vibes.

“The Omega Circle” immediately feels rather dramatic beginning with slow contemplative arpeggios and passionate vocals but soon the monumental doom quintessence will take over with the perfect dose of extra heavy guitar riffs roaring through groovy rhythmic segments and the grave melodic tonalities of the compelling guitar solo generating diabolical vibes.

It’s truly a pleasure to see how Candlemass still maintain their exceptional doom mastery today as “The Door To Doom” has the necessary strength and creative force to show to the world what true doom metal sounds like.

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