Gold – Why Aren’t you Laughing?

It’s not easy to categorize the music style of Dutch band Gold but their eclectic creative force is very clear on the fourth full length “Why Aren’t You Laughing?” which naturally expresses an emotional turmoil telling personal stories and experimenting with different sounds.

“He Is Not” can sound quite gloomy as guitars craft spellbinding melodies with enticing goth vibes enhanced by Milena Eva’s dazzling and deeply emotive vocals yet the rhythmic section ensures plenty of catchy vibes.

On “Things I Wish I Never Knew” the darkened atmosphere naturally surrounds the vibrant guitar work that showcases a diverse approach shifting from steady riffs to compelling melancholia infused leads and the resulting multitude of feelings is further emphasized by Milena’s soothing vocal delivery.

The dreamy atmospheric nuances and delicate guitar phrases of title track introduce a groovy instrumental ensemble that relies on the increasingly energetic rhythmic patterns and towards the finale the guitars even acquire rebellious quasi chaotic tonalities.

In the beginning “Taken By Storm” is full of bittersweet harmonies that will evolve into a massive heavier & faster rhythmic ensemble featuring sharp guitar riffs and obscure tonalities clearly fueled by a primal blackened force that inevitably evoke tormented feelings.  

“Wide-Eyed” has an introspective mood as the guitar work creates irresistible darkened nuances through unusual rhythmic patterns and hypnotizing melodies surrounded by intricate brooding atmospheres always embellished by passionately melancholic vocals.

On “Till Death Do Us Part” Milena is able to express genuine emotions with ethereal vocals accompanied by fragile guitar melodies that maintain an apparent serenity while later eerie post-metal dynamics will flourish influencing the whole instrumental ensemble.

The multifaceted nature of “Why Aren’t You Laughing?” is fundamental in the creation of a unique sonic experience that can always move the listeners and Gold confidently prove to have the ability to craft elaborate soundscapes that will definitely grab your attention.

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