Ritual Dictates – Give In To Despair

Formed by Justin Hagberg of 3 Inches of Blood and Ash Pearson of Revocation the new band Ritual Dictates is ready to showcase a menacing sonic manifesto with the debut release “Give In To Despair”.

“Dominance And Will” prepares a savage rhythmic assault with scorching guitar riffs and punishing drums so the grindcore vibes feel quite dominant yet a groovy heavy rock flair eventually takes over with gritty and much calmer progressions. 

“Given To Despair” offers some catchy guitar riffs marching through the hostile rhythmic segments leading to a major black ‘n roll mood yet the song will shapeshift once again to embrace melancholic guitar melodies and contemplative atmospheric textures.   

The abrasive guitar riffs on “Last Phase Of Life” channel some primal ominous energy that dictates an overdose of icy tonalities and blackened rhythmic blasts while the malevolent growls perfectly match this darker mood.  

“Poisonous Proclamation” goes straight to a merciless rhythmic rampage with vitriolic guitar riffs and super fast drumming that leave you breathless while the chunky bass lines will suddenly introduce a significant change of pace favoring a classic rock inspiration. 

“Aperiam In Porta” tends to focus on aggressive rhythmic patterns yet a darkened aura will allow guitars to slow down in order to deliver fancy progressions following a classic heavy metal formula.  

“Extinction” can sound utterly brutal as the chaotic instrumental rampage and the spiteful growls conjure extreme metal dynamics often interrupted by slower and definitely more accessible grooves featuring memorable guitar riffs. 

In terms of styles Ritual Dictates seem to rely on a main fast and furious grindcore blueprint but also aim to blend many different influences consequently the whole album “Give In To Despair” manage to offer some surprising elements. 

Gold – Why Aren’t you Laughing?

It’s not easy to categorize the music style of Dutch band Gold but their eclectic creative force is very clear on the fourth full length “Why Aren’t You Laughing?” which naturally expresses an emotional turmoil telling personal stories and experimenting with different sounds.

“He Is Not” can sound quite gloomy as guitars craft spellbinding melodies with enticing goth vibes enhanced by Milena Eva’s dazzling and deeply emotive vocals yet the rhythmic section ensures plenty of catchy vibes.

On “Things I Wish I Never Knew” the darkened atmosphere naturally surrounds the vibrant guitar work that showcases a diverse approach shifting from steady riffs to compelling melancholia infused leads and the resulting multitude of feelings is further emphasized by Milena’s soothing vocal delivery.

The dreamy atmospheric nuances and delicate guitar phrases of title track introduce a groovy instrumental ensemble that relies on the increasingly energetic rhythmic patterns and towards the finale the guitars even acquire rebellious quasi chaotic tonalities.

In the beginning “Taken By Storm” is full of bittersweet harmonies that will evolve into a massive heavier & faster rhythmic ensemble featuring sharp guitar riffs and obscure tonalities clearly fueled by a primal blackened force that inevitably evoke tormented feelings.  

“Wide-Eyed” has an introspective mood as the guitar work creates irresistible darkened nuances through unusual rhythmic patterns and hypnotizing melodies surrounded by intricate brooding atmospheres always embellished by passionately melancholic vocals.

On “Till Death Do Us Part” Milena is able to express genuine emotions with ethereal vocals accompanied by fragile guitar melodies that maintain an apparent serenity while later eerie post-metal dynamics will flourish influencing the whole instrumental ensemble.

The multifaceted nature of “Why Aren’t You Laughing?” is fundamental in the creation of a unique sonic experience that can always move the listeners and Gold confidently prove to have the ability to craft elaborate soundscapes that will definitely grab your attention.

Dead Quiet – Grand Rites

Canadian metallers Dead Quiet are eager to conquer the audience with the sophomore work of music “Grand Rites” containing a massive blend of classic heavy metal roots, stoner and doom.

“Moon Cruiser” is all about tight guitar riffing and chunky rhythmic patterns but there are hints of stoner rock providing some welcomed trippy vibes further enhanced by vintage keyboards arrangements and intriguing melodic progressions while vocals often becomes angered screams.

“Blood Lovers” begins with atmospheric keyboards introducing a crescendo of gloomy melodic guitars that will acquire a heavier attitude building cohesive classic rock grooves amplified by intensely thick bass lines yet keeping a melodic core spiced up by retro keyboards accents.

“Disgraced” showcases a power ballad approach as everything slows down significantly to favor lovely slow burning melodies leading to an absolutely compelling borderline dramatic guitar solo enhanced by steady melancholy infused keyboards layers and obvious dominant retro flavors.

“Fucking Oath” clearly evokes a moody doom essence that influences deeply the heavier guitar riffs and the consequent strong bass driven rhythmic patterns accompanied by subtle ‘70s rock oriented spacey keyboards and a wild vocal delivery.

“Grand Rights” closes the album reflecting the weirder and at times dissonant tonalities of the second half of songs and is certainly not an ordinary metal track as Dead Quiet seems to become more adventurous. You still find a great deal of stoner rock/metal elements as guitar riffs ensure a heavy rhythmic section that will eventually evolve into a darkly spaced out sonic realm.

As you can tell immediately there are experienced musicians behind Dead Quiet ensuring a mature sound and songwriting skills which result in an enthusiastic music approach and the retro rock/metal tonalities render “Grand Rites” an enjoyable listening experience.

Legend – Midnight Champion

Legend is another absolutely intriguing band coming from the burgeoning rock/metal scene of Iceland and the newest effort “Midnight Champion” elegantly gathers kaleidoscopic nuances and multiple influences ranging from retro electro-goth to modern post-metal flavors.

“Cryptid” is a winning album opener where mysterious sounds introduce an eclectic music blend that certainly focuses on atmospheric quality with loads of compelling synths arrangements favoring a darkened mood yet the comforting vocal delivery and the steady understated guitar grooves provide subtle energetic dynamics.

“Time To Suffer” offers engaging electro beats reminiscent of unforgettable ‘80s electro-goth style and you might have to just let go of any inhibition and start dancing yet Legend packs the main melodic core with overwhelming darkness as groovy crunchy guitar riffs hold hints of distorted industrial metal elements and vocals shift from polished delivery to a more wicked tone.

Almost like an electro ballad version “Adrift” relies particularly on hazy luminous atmospheric layers and powerfully contemplative vocals channeling an emotional palette but towards the end gains a higher dose of energy and epic vibes with sparkling melodic composition.

After a dramatic atmospheric beginning revolving around impressive vocals the title track swiftly acquires majestic vibes as well as somber melodic catchiness built by monumental synths and minimalist guitars.

With some pop upbeats and charming retro atmospheric arrangements “Liquid Rust” definitely evokes some surreal romantic gloom yet the main rhythm & chorus become too catchy to trigger sadness as the flawless electro rock blend here feels both danceable and spaced out.

While all over “Midnight Champion” lingers an exquisite Nordic feeling that belongs to cold winter days Legend is always able to provide great catchiness in every rhythmic variation/pattern resulting in a widely enjoyable work of music.