Druids – Monument

Iowa based psychedelic stoner/sludge metal trio Druids has the chance to reach a wider audience with the mighty guitar driven grooves and the inspired songwriting approach of the new studio effort “Monument”.  

You can easily recognize familiar sludge dynamics on the album opener “New Breath” which is filled with massive guitar riffs marching steady through moody rhythmic progressions and mysterious melodic phrases that always ensure enough variety to keep the listeners interested. 

Since the beginning “Mirrors Of Trigon” offers monumental doom laden guitar riffs and harsh vocals following a slower enigmatic rhythm that inevitably amplifies the darkened arcane nature of the song while the massive fuzzy sludge/stoner force ensures plenty of groovy moments. 

“Shivast” hits you in the face with an overdose of extra heavy guitar riffs and bold vocals leading to some quite frantic rhythmic patterns yet maintains an inner melodic essence through the smooth progressive elements of the lead guitar work. 

In the end “Monument” dwells within a compelling mystical realm and holds a solid doom essence that fully comes to life through the many colossal heavy grooves diligently and confidently created by Druids. 

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