Silvertomb – Edge Of Existence

Featuring Type O Negative / Seventh Void members Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly Silvertomb is finally ready to release the debut album “Edge Of Existence” which showcases a multifaceted sonic identity imbued with authentic emotions. 

“Insomnia / Sunrise” was released as first single and certainly gives you an idea of how much darkness surrounds Silvertomb’s music as the multilayered atmospheres and the genuine vocal delivery evoke feelings of grief surrounding the groovy rock dynamics confidently built by the raw guitar riffs and the crispy melodic leads. 

The hazy piano melodies on “Love You Without No Lies” are already drenched in darkness and so many cathartic emotions are flowing through the sorrowful rhythmic patterns and the bittersweet melodic tapestries as guitars effortlessly shift from heavy rock momentum to introspective depth. 

On “Not Your Savior” guitars can acquire strong doom tonalities that inevitably amplify the gloomy feelings fully expressed by the melodic passages and Kenny delivers desperate screams but also calmer heartfelt vocal harmonies. 

The atmospheric keyboards on “One Of You” evoke intense funereal vibes with some fascinating creepy tones that definitely emphasize the monumental guitar riffs as well as the darkened leads and the doom inspiration here feels quite dominant leading to a series of heavier rhythmic dynamics. 

At the center of “Right Of Passage / Crossing Over” there is a massive darkly hypnotic force that generates doom oriented rhythmic patterns with the monolithic weight of the drums while the guitar work also creates refined melancholic melodies embracing a contemplative atmosphere and reaching the acme with an utterly mesmerizing solo. 

While the new sonic incarnation Silvertomb has a classic rock oriented core these extremely talented musicians are willing to explore diverse styles to fully express their remarkable creativity always combined with an intense emotive strength that renders “Edge Of Existence” an inspiring work of music. 

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