Life Of Agony – The Sound Of Scars

Already in the early ’90s Life Of Agony were forging a unique music style that today naturally evolves within the striking emotional journey incarnated by the new album “The Sound Of Scars” which is also a continuation of the concept started on the groundbreaking 1993 debut “River Runs Red”.

“Scars” sounds incredibly groovy from beginning to end with loads of chunky guitar riffs and an inflamed rhythmic section with wild hardcore hints nevertheless the memorable chorus holds strong emotional vocal harmonies.  

“Black Heart” will trigger headbanging with the gritty guitar riffs and a rather darkened mood that certainly influences all the instrumental passages while Mina Caputo’s stunning vocals can effortlessly evoke so many profound emotions. 

“Lay Down” shifts from addictive rebellious heavy grooves emphasized by Mina’s powerful voice to introspective melodic moments featuring a soulful vocal delivery and crispy guitar tonalities. 

The deeply somber guitars on “Once Below” emphasize a palpable inner gloom yet the galloping guitar riffs and faster drumming often lead to electrifying groovy dynamics that amplify the raw energy of the catchy chorus.  

“Stone” is filled with contrasting emotions as the rhythmic segments can spontaneously generate abrasive grooves with the right dose of sharp riffage but guitars are also able to craft a pensive melodic momentum accompanied by Mina’s eloquent vocals. 

Feeling like a eulogy “I Surrender” still has a groovy spirit but focuses almost exclusively on the emotive struggles with warm guitar melodies and deeply melancholic atmospheres surrounding Mina’s cathartic vocal delivery. 

The emotional power expressed by Mina’s vocal performance is simply amazing and is one of the reasons why “The Sound Of Scars” can feel so visceral and sincere proving that Life of Agony are still destined to stand out in the current crowded metal scene. 


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