White Ward – Love Exchange Failure

Ukraine-based post-black metal band White Ward is destined to garner attention within the underground scene as the fervent creative force behind the sophomore full length “Love Exchange Failure” is fueled by eclectic composition and introspective depth. 

The title track is an enigmatic opus starting with minimalist melancholic piano melodies and warm jazz oriented saxophone that will evolve into a crushing blackened ensemble featuring an enraged rhythmic section filled with hostile guitar riffs surrounded by desperate screams and haunting atmospheric layers. 

“Poisonous Flowers Of Violence” depicts a dreamy sonic realm with luminous guitar phrases but such tranquillity won’t last long as the frantic blackened dynamics take over with intense rhythmic bursts often enriched by sorrowful melodic crescendos and detailed atmospheric arrangements that highlight the song’s contemplative nature. 

An irresistible sense of nostalgia lingers throughout “No Cure For Pain” as the saxophone naturally crafts comforting harmonies until a massive darkness prevails leading to aggressive rhythmic segments with precise drumming and galloping guitar riffs but gorgeous melodic elements will eventually emerge evoking somber emotions. 

The complex and meticulous songwriting behind “Uncanny Delusions” is evident as you get lost within the dramatic melodic textures and bleak soundscapes that still embrace a quasi chaotic black metal inspiration while the enticing combo of guitars and saxophone will amplify the overwhelming decadent melancholy with refined darkened melodies. 

White Ward have a unique way to express poignant feelings telling stories about humanity’s existential struggle through the captivating soundscapes that on “Love Exchange Failure” will often surprise the listeners with exceptional diverse dynamics and interesting style variations.

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