Haunt – Mind Freeze

Haunt began as a solo project of Beastmaker frontman Trevor William Church but now it’s clear that they are becoming an unstoppable force releasing another brand new full length “Mind Freeze” in a very short time. 

With “Light The Beacon” Haunt fully manifest their will to carry the torch for classic ‘80s metal unleashing fiery guitar riffs and tight rhythmic blasts which definitely lead to an overload of entertaining grooves yet maintain a rather somber atmosphere. 

With a fierce faster rhythmic section “Hearts On Fire” channels pure energy as the galloping guitar riffs constantly build cohesive grooves reminiscing of the golden era of heavy metal and the chorus is also quite memorable. 

The title track features captivating rounds of powerful guitar driven grooves and fancy leads even if this time the tempo is slower to emphasize an inner emotional gloom also expressed by the slightly melancholic vocals and the atmospheric accents. 

On “Saviours Of Man” the old school heavy metal formula is still prominent with solid riffage and wicked soloing but the darkened synths layers certainly influence the general mood so there’s a higher degree of melancholy perfectly matched by the vocal delivery. 

The synths continue to have a significant role on “Have No Fear” in fact the resulting dark atmosphere creates a nice contrast with the high energy & speed of the rhythmic patterns that reach the acme with the wild guitar solo. 

Listening to “Mind Freeze” you will easily comprehend that Haunt firmly believe in heavy metal and they fearlessly continue to follow the chosen musical pathway with genuine passion disregarding whatever is supposed to be trendy right now. 

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