Raphael Weinroth – Browne – WorldsWithin

You might be familiar with Canadian cellist and composer Rapahel Weinroth-Browne for his collaborations with several renowned bands such as Leprous and now the time has come to begin a new exciting chapter releasing his solo debut album “Worlds Within”.

The two movements of “From Within” feel like an endless dream unfolding between light and dark as the somber cello melodies evoke an immense melancholy with mellow emotionally charged tonalities that will evolve into a dazzling crescendo. 

“From Above” is fueled by a luminous energy that leads to intense compelling grooves and eclectic variations that blend impeccable classical harmonies and edgy electronic elements within a darkened atmospheric realm. 

“Tumult” is a memorable opus consisting of four movements that showcase diverse inspirations ranging from a wild combo of groovy & heavy rhythmic segments and electro beats to the exquisite beauty of minimalist classical melodies that flow gently through gloomy cinematic waves. 

“Worlds Within” is a single composition divided into ten tracks therefore you should listen to the whole album without interruption to enjoy the incredibly versatile sounds that Rapahel can create with the cello and to fully appreciate his artistic vision which stands out for the sublime classical approach and the multifaceted creative sparks. 

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