Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic

In the metal scene Annihilator will always hold an influential status and they are ready to showcase an unstoppable creative force paired with a true devotion to old school metal on the seventeenth studio album “Ballistic, Sadistic”. 

“Armed To The Teeth” immediately unleashes a crazy frenetic rhythmic rampage with a classic heavy sound revolving around cohesive guitar riffs but as you expect Jeff Waters is always ready to make things more interesting with the intense lead guitar work that stands out for the technical ability and the evident diversity of the various solos. 

“The Attitude” is angry and faster with a solid series of menacing rhythmic patterns accompanied by spiteful vocals and the wild shredding of the guitar soloing. 

“Psycho Ward” keeps a classic thrash metal approach from beginning to end with constant galloping guitar riffs yet there is a crucial melodic essence expressed by the somber tonalities and the tasteful moody solos. 

On “Dressed Up For Evil” the rhythmic patterns can become insanely frantic following a hostile approach that requires immediate headbanging and once again the charismatic lead guitar work will craft a winning mix of crazy shredding and melodic licks. 

“One Wrong Move” continues to follow such winning formula revolving around sharp rhythmic dynamics and enraged vocals destined to reach the acme with the thrilling guitar solos but this track also features a tranquil introspective momentum embodied by graceful guitar melodies. 

“The End Of The Lie” is another energetic track that brings a proper thrash metal assault as the rhythmic approach definitely showcases an enjoyable vintage flair full of groovy guitar riffs and sharp leads. 

With seventeen albums in over thirty years Annihilator have already reached a huge milestone and “Ballistic, Sadistic” certainly stays true to their legacy delivering all the massive guitar driven grooves that thrash metalheads will love. 

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