Sepultura – Quadra

Since their inception Brazilian legends Sepultura have successfully developed a groundbreaking irresistible sonic identity that for thirty five years has been gradually evolving into a complex creative force that today generates the majestic new album “Quadra”. 

The darkened essence of “Isolation” is dramatically enhanced by epic symphonic elements that will soon give way to a groovy series of massive thrash rhythmic blasts featuring abrasive guitar riffs, pummeling drums and towering growls. 

“Means To An End” immediately focuses on an unrestrained rhythmic rampage so the band’s signature thrash dynamics sound quite dominant leading to moshpit inducing grooves enriched by refined yet absolutely ravenous lead guitar work and a cathartic tribal momentum. 

“Last Time” stands out for the charismatic guitar work that since the very beginning showcases a modern progressive flair yet the rhythmic section definitely channels the undiluted rage of thrash metal with relentless guitar riffs accompanied by the perfect dosage of hostile growls. 

The mood changes on “Guardians Of Earth” beginning with soulful acoustic guitar harmonies followed by majestic operatic choirs that introduce a faster rhythm meticulously built by precise drumming and eclectic guitar phrases that will reach the acme with an inspiring solo so the thrash elements are still present but naturally embrace the evocative progressive composition. 

“The Pentagram” is an intense instrumental track that allows you to truly appreciate the stellar musicianship and also highlights a compelling sonic diversity as guitars shift from vitriolic riffage to complex prog oriented soloing constantly supported by a powerful impeccable rhythmic backbone. 

“Agony Of Defeat” is definitely a sophisticated track that evokes a profound melancholia with the somber elegance of the memorable intricate guitar melodies and the passionate clean vocal delivery and such fervent feelings are also expressed by the eloquent symphonic arrangements. 

Featuring guest vocalist Emily Barreto “Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering” carefully blends haunting melodic guitar progressions and fierce rhythmic segments generating a majestic groovy momentum in the midst of a profoundly darkened atmosphere. 

“Quadra” often manages to maintain an aggressive thrash metal momentum reminiscent of the early breakthrough discography but Sepultura are not really trying to rely exclusively on the same winning formula as they prove to be eager to move forward therefore you can expect some cool experimental ideas throughout the album.


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