Autumn Tears – The Air Below The Water

Neo-classical collective Autumn Tears has crafted another ambitious & magnificent opus entitled “The Air Below The Water” featuring 40+ talented musicians and vocalists. 

“Sentient Idols” feels like pure poetry with the natural beauty of the opulent orchestrations surrounding delicate violin melodies and solemn operatic vocals that will embrace an epic instrumental crescendo adorned by darkened tonalities. 

“Finding Our Way Home” stands out for the spellbinding vocals courtesy of Agnete Mangnes Kirkevaag of Madder Mortem and the poignant piano & strings create an harmonious ensemble that constantly evokes a delightful melancholia. 

“Convalescence” begins with soft violins favoring delicate melodic tapestries and minimalist atmospheric vibes emphasized by a mellow emotional vocal delivery.  

The sound of waves on the title track feels like a tribute to the beauty of nature elegantly celebrated by the blend of dreamy piano melodies and multifaceted vocal harmonies. 

On “The Sky Beneath The Sea” the glowing orchestrations amplify an exquisite classical approach with enticing violin and piano melodies accompanied by the increasing dramatic depth of flawless operatic choirs. 

We continue to dream the same dream listening to “Neither Here Nor There” which will conquer your heart with the understated charisma of the minimalist piano melodies and Agnete’s delightful vocal performance. 

On “Metamorphosis” the multifaceted choral harmonies and the magical piano melodies channel immense nostalgia while the subtle orchestral crescendo adds a powerful theatrical depth. 

“Closer To The Sun” is another perfect classical piece offering pristine piano melodies that enhance the daydream mood and the diverse vocal delivery.  

“The Cleansing” focuses on the dazzling energy of the detailed orchestrations so the theatrical approach here feels particularly sumptuous generating multiple grandiose instrumental crescendos. 

The best way to fully enjoy the fascinating neo-classical splendor of “The Air Below The Water” is to listen to the whole album without interruptions as Autumn Tears continue to create impeccable nostalgia infused soundscapes that inevitably defy time and space.

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