Tombs – Monarchy Of Shadows

Joined by talented musicians mastermind Mike Hill begins a new thrilling chapter for Tombs releasing the darkened & ferocious EP “Monarchy Of Shadows”. 

Since the very beginning the title track is surrounded by a mysterious aura that introduces a massive blackened rhythmic section featuring tremolo picking and gelid guitar progressions accompanied by malevolent theatrical vocals clearly driven by a renewed obscure energy.   “Once Falls The Guillotine” relies on a groovy blackened rhythmic assault with an overdose of soaring guitar riffs while the inner enigmatic melodic essence channels ritualistic vibes with darkened tonalities and solemn vocals. 

“Man Behind The Sun” continues to unleash violent rhythmic patterns evoking the coldest black metal elements and the guitar work certainly stands out shifting from aggressive riffage to grim melodic phrases which will lead to a slower dramatic momentum emphasized by the decadent atmospheric accents and the vocal incantations. 

“The Dark Rift” aptly sounds extremely dark maintaining the same fiery blackened force that characterizes the other songs and conjures a balanced blend of harsh rhythmic dynamics and arcane keyboards arrangements. 

The sinister power of “Monarchy Of Shadows” is evident since the very first listening and Tombs deliver a rich cohesive sonic vision fueled by a majestic blackened approach that generates detailed ominous atmospheres and venomous rhythmic blasts. 

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