On Thorns I Lay – Threnos

Longstanding Greek band On Thorns I Lay triumphantly returns with the new deeply emotional melodic doom/death metal opus “Threnos” which is destined to spellbind the audience with stunning gloomy soundscapes. 

The doom force is strong on “The Song Of Sirens” with a terrific rhythmic backbone as guitars impeccably deliver slow burning melodies and mighty riffage in the midst of an extremely sorrowful atmosphere emphasized by a hypnotic piano piece. 

“Ouranio Deos” focuses on cathartic atmospheric waves and enchanting strings that enrich the exquisite somber tonalities of the guitar work shifting from eloquent harmonies to bold riffs and certainly the ominous growls amplify the presence of the heavier rhythmic dynamics. 

On “Erynies” the leitmotif is once again a heart wrenching melancholy as the slower doom style pace emphasizes the emotional tones of the guitar melodies while the compelling rhythmic crescendo is embellished by the pleasant vintage organ. 

The captivating melodic grandeur of “Odysseia” deserves your utmost attention as the opulent composition often puts the spotlight on the tranquil gorgeous arpeggios, the charming guitar phrases and the sophisticated beauty of classical violins while the monumental rhythmic section successfully channels the darkest mournful elements of classic doom metal.  

Throughout the years On Thorns I Lay have perfected their darkened melodic vision and today they continue to craft emotional tales of loss and despair on “Threnos” with undiluted passion and stylish songwriting. 

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