Kvaen – The Funeral Pyre

Kvaen is the new solo project by Swedish musician Jakob Björnfot and the debut album “The Funeral Pyre” is characterized by a malevolent black metal approach and an overload of gelid tonalities. 

“Revenge By Fire” is a fierce album opener and certainly showcases massive blackened dynamics fueled by relentless riffage and blistering drums while towards the finale a bleak atmospheric ensemble adds a dramatic feel. 

The tempo slows down significantly on the title track to focus on crestfallen guitar melodies that will return often channeling grim emotions in contrast with the groovy momentum built by soaring guitar riffs and enriched by the charismatic soloing. 

“The Wolves Throne” aptly begins with wolves howling and a profound Nordic melancholy that generates compelling guitar melodies that will evolve into an extensive dazzling solo while the rhythmic section skillfully maintains solid blackened grooves. 

On “We Serve The Masters Plan” the mood becomes increasingly obscure due to the ominous guitar tonalities and the classic black metal essence is further amplified by diabolical growls while the monochromatic melodic phrases enhance the pensive vibes. 

There is an immense nostalgia lingering through “Hymn To Kvenland” as guitars follow a calmer pace and craft brooding melodies rather than vicious riffage and the resulting contemplative mood takes you far away probably in the middle of a remote forest.  

Even if “The Funeral Pyre” is the first studio effort crafted by Kvaen the chosen sonic vision already sounds strong and the prominent Nordic flair invites you to embark on a journey through desolate wintry soundscapes. 

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