Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – Ascension

French atmospheric black metal band Regarde Les Hommes Tomber has crafted a ritualistic opus entitled “Ascension” which is the final chapter of a fascinating darkened trilogy that began back in 2013. 

“A New Order” can sound absolutely vicious unleashing an unrestrained rhythmic section full of wicked galloping guitar riffs showcasing powerful blackened tonalities while the tormented growls constantly channel an overwhelming despair amplified by the lugubrious atmosphere that dominates the grim melodic breakdown. 

On “The Crowning” a compelling mystical aura surrounds the slower ravishing guitar melodies that will recur throughout the song carrying a growing ominous force matched by the theatrical delivery of the anguished vocals and the crestfallen atmosphere but often the rhythmic section acquires a hostile faster pace delivering fierce blackened dynamics. 

On “Stellar Cross” the melodic guitars deserve the spotlight evoking immense melancholia and the coldest tonalities accompanied by a mix of hellish growls and dramatic clean vocals within a calmer bleak soundscape that often favors a blackgaze blurry atmospheric formula. 

“Au Bord Du Gouffre” relies on a steady blackened march as guitars follow a misanthropic rhythm crafting visceral riffage that makes you feel breathless while the darkest gelid melodies generate a hypnotizing momentum that emphasizes the strong presence of an appealing esoteric essence. 

Undoubtedly the sonic realm of “Ascension” is made of undiluted darkness as Regarde Les Hommes Tomber fearlessly and confidently manifest their mystifying vision embodied by an exceptionally bewitching atmospheric black metal ensemble. 

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