Grift – Budet

Swedish autumnal folk/black metal band Grift channels immense melancholy on the third full length “Budet” which invites you to explore your mind and soul through lavish contemplative soundscapes. 

“Barn Av Ingenmansland” depicts a fascinating gloomy world where subtle atmospheric layers and traditional instruments rely on a sentimental folk approach in contrast with the harsh blackened inspiration behind the guitar work and the anguished vocals. 

“Ödets Bortbytingar” can sound quite obscure with the grim energy of the fast blackened rhythmic segments while the introspective depth is emphasized by the evocative violins that create the perfect dosage of heartwarming harmonies.  

The passionate melodic guitar work and the soothing violins on “Vita Arkiv” generate a wistful sonic realm that will inevitably move the listeners and feels quite dominant even if the desperate vocals and the increasingly darker rhythmic variations often take the center stage.  

“Oraklet i Kullabo” invokes the spirit of nature to craft a poetic melodic ensemble that amplifies the minimalist folk inspiration of the acoustic passages leading to peaceful feelings until the blackened guitar riffs bring a significant dose of raw energy. 

An exquisite sense of nostalgia lingers throughout “Budet” but you can also perceive moments of sheer despair as Grift successfully express an emotional whirlwind through the opulent atmospheric and melodic composition. 

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